Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Why Students Fail in School

I have been teaching high school science for nine years in both an inner city school in San Francisco, and in a suburban school just outside of San Francisco. In both settings I have been shocked by the numbers of students who are not academically ready for the rigors of high school and who have not been able to thrive in my classes. Here are just a few of the issues these students bring with them that impair their ability to succeed in school and that are clearly beyond the teachers’ and schools’ abilities to ameliorate.

some of these issues aren't issues at all. you can't govern home life. don't even try. all you can do is offer stability and work things from your side. homework is not important (at least as much as teachers think), and parental wishes are more important than your own even if it affects school. it is sad that these kids don't see the importance of it, but they shouldn't, simply because it gives us power and something to do. it is quite necessary to allow them total freedom, especially freedom in failure, because this is america and not everybody can be a rocket scientist, even those with the aptitude for it.
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